Safari Drive Uganda vehicles are fully comprehensively insured.  From our clients we ask to freeze a sum of £1500 on a credit card. In the event of an accident we ask for an excess amount to be paid. These options will be explained to you during the booking process. In the event of the car being rolled/crashed or considered an insurance write-off the full £2500 will be payable.

Absolutely yes, All airport pickups and drops are completely free of charging with our Self drive clients. This free service runs for 24hrs. So even if you are arriving at odd hours of the night and would like us to pick you for a transfer, We are happy to start your journey with a warm welcome throughout East Africa.

Absolutely NO. Safari Drive Itineraries are 100% tailor made as a team. If You mention how you would like to travel and how you prefer your vacation to be, we are happy to share. You can choose to camp under the stars or the wilderness, enjoy the comfort of blending in nature safari lodges or choose to slumber in luxurious lodges

We do buy our vehicles as used cars from Japan but these are bought on a very low mileage, so yes, they are not new but these are some of our well maintained assets because these are our basis of travel and business. Our vehicles are Between 1998 models to 2004 models.

We have mastered the art of self drive safaris in east Africa and yes,we have a solution.  In this even of breakdown, we always have you sorted and back on the road within 24hrs or less. We have a series and connection of mechanics all around the countries we operate and, and so in this even we always call them to bail you out and if the problem cant be fixed, then we can promise a replacement within 24hrs depending on where you will be.

No: Fuel is not included on this price. We always deliver the vehicles with a fuel to start the first 50kms and so you can be flexible with your budget in refueling. However the same amount of fuel is always required at the return of the vehicle

Absolutely yes You can hire a car for self drive one way rental and we can definitely pick it up where ever you prefer. However this comes with extra costs of Fuel and Driver allowances to bring back the car to our offices.

We are more than happy to orgarnise this for our clients whether on self drive car rental or guided tours. We do this to clients who book trips with us or hire cars with us and not done as a stand alone service. Dates of tracking, full details of participants and advance payment is required to have your Gorilla and chimpanzee permits reserved.

Like every adventure holiday carries an inherent risk and so you should be aware of the risk assessment document that identifies the possible dangers on a self drive holiday through Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania

We accept wire transfer through our main company account for full packages and for self drivers, we would take up the payment on arrival except for the Gorilla permits and chimpanzee permits inclusive with the accommodation payments.

Prices at Safari Drive Are not higher but the Kind of service, The well maintained cars, The insurances included, and the inclusives in the price actually limit us to this this price. Much as we care about your safety so as we care about our assets and for a non-hindered inspirational journey, the price would come a little higher and yes is worth it