Why us

For as much as we would like you to come down to Africa for a self drive safari with us, we do do not want to personally blow our own trumpets that were are 100% perfect. Driving in a new country with different driving behaviors is not as easy as we sound it. #Teamwork: Our stepping stone that has seen us succeed in the self drive safari holidays in Uganda. You and us can make a great team involving huge amounts of work in planning these inspirational journeys.

To us, creating unforgettable, unique and inspirational safaris is more of a passion than work. With support of a very reliable fleet of well equipped vehicles and back up equipments  with ability to cross borders of East Africa absolutely brands us unique. Below are some reasons why we think you should let us be part in creating your journey in Uganda and beyond boarders

There is nothing we take seriously and profesionalised as the safety of our clients on self drive. From our well maintained vehicles thoroughly serviced and checked by our super mechanics. Our safari planners and guides have mastered the art of safety and used it as the basis of delivering inspirational journeys with minimal risk. Further, That’s why we include wide coverage cell phones and GPS that we are just a dial away in cases of emergency or easily find your way, we always available 24-7hrs whenever you need us and able to respond on time.

Something that we have mastered when delivering inspirational journeys. Let it be authentic local experiences or bespoke journeys. Creativity is something we have used as a basis to deliver. We look out for new discoveries and take you off the beaten track to uncover the hidden gems and be touched by the sincerity of the people you meet on safari. How about a typical Ugandan meal, THE LUWOMBO? You wouldn’t want to miss this. Would you?

These are fighters, the basis for travel in Uganda and yes Our vehicles are something we take seriously when it comes to self drive safaris. We are never with you on safari and we would like to sit back and know everything is well with you out there reason we check, service and approve a vehicle before it departs for any other trip. Not just are the vehicles but also the camping gear and GPS navigation. You are never wrong with our equipment setting at Safari drive Uganda

From Day One we are  a team, all we do is share for a memorable and inspiring trip to Africa. As we share, we are able to consider your budget, your interests and put together a well deserved journey in Africa. Our inclusive in a price are wide mentioned and with no doubt give you the value for your money. Our ever-on discounted offers on car rental + Accommodations. We are able to get you good offers from lodges as local tour operators on top of our Car hire discounted rates in Uganda. Our guides expertise in delivering memorable and inspiring journeys at affordable prices is something you can never be wrong about.

What we have done most is travel extensively through all parts of the country and uncover all the potentials and destinations in detail in-out. We have taken an extra mile in discovering hidden treasures of travel to Uganda that few or no tourist go or miss. We are always full of new ideas that we anxiously wait to share with you including deep insider tips for an inspirational journey to Africa, Uganda and East Africa.

East Africa is the hidden gem of Africa and so is our expertise. We would like you see it all, we would like to design you a memorable trip, A trip you ever dreamt about, a trip that you will leave to remember and yes we allow our vehicles to cross to the neighbouring countries. When you mention to us your interests then we are more than happy to arrange you all the paper work for you to cross boarders in East Africa and absolutely possible if you would like to start from another country and end in Uganda. We are happy to arrange all the paperwork for you to uncover the hidden treasures.