Kibale Forest National Park

Driving through Kibale forest National Park Uganda’s most accessible rain-forest covering an area of 766km² will rapt you in awe. Described as a lush and shady vegetation interspersed with patches of grassland and swamp, This exotic and enchanting rainforest is home to over 60 mammal species remarkably with 13 primate species and over 335 bird species.  

The most incredible and rewarding activity in kibale Forest is tracking on foot habituated chimps. Through the averagely thick forest and well designed paths, takes you through the shady rainforest looking for the great apes and gaining a privileged insight into daily lives of human closest relatives, Unforgettable memories that will be cherished and remembered for a lifetime.

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Top Things to Do In Kibale Forest National Park

 Chimpanzee Tracking

Track Chimpanzees in a mistcovered rainforest-The primate capital of the world. Travel deep into the heart of Kibale and getupclose with Human closest relatives

 Crater lake Walk

Walk Through some of the Best stunning Sceneries with explosion crater lakes. Reach-out to the Top of the world view point and see the neighboring towns great sceneries.

Bigodi swamp Walk

Take a nature walk through a swamp with stunning and vibrant primate life. Watch some of the forest birds including the Beautiful Great Turraco. A community based orgarnisation

Community Walk

Take a walk through Bigodi town and get a one-on-one with the locals. Visit herbal medicine men, witches, churches and schools. Dance to the local traditional dances with the locals.

Chimpanzee Habituation

Walk deep into the jungles following human’s closest relatives-the chimps. Know much more about these vibrant primates and their daily life till dawn. Rapt in awe at how these fascinating primates behave.