Kidepo Valley National Park

Driving to Kidepo Uganda – The hidden treasure of the wilderness as commonly branded by most of our self driving clients in uganda, is a unique destination characterized by spectacular wildlife and incredibly fascinating sceneries. Kidep a local name for the Borus fruit trees dotted around the park inhabiting some of the rare animal and bird species is an enveloped curved valley surrounded by sky-shaped mountains that truly describe a hidden treasure. Kidepo valley National Park reflects an image that crosses your mind when you close your eyes and think about Africa.

Camping safaris in Uganda through kidepo wilderness is just the right word that describes safari. Drive and Camp in the densely populated wildlife Narus valley, one of the many camping grounds with Vibrant spectacular views of the park. The unique, minority and traditional Ik people living in this isolated wilderness with a unique difference in life, get one-on-one with the locals and winding it to a traditional dance is much rewarding and inspiring. Did we mention camping or lodging under the stars surrounded with nature in one of the most magical places in Africa? Oh yes you would have made the right decision Traveling to Uganda and visiting Kidepo Valley National Park

Top Things to Do In Kidepo Valley National Park

Game Drives

Enjoy spectacular game drives with vibrant wildlife and rapt in awe with the fascinating sceneries of the Narus valley and kidepo valley.


Aim and shoot perfect pictures with your camera to the most beautiful area with great landscape filled with vibrant and spectacular wildlife.

Nature walks

Take a guided walk through the wilderness and view wildlife at a close range. Its a magical feeling walking through the wilderness bushes of kidepo.

Traditional encounters

Meet the local Ik cultural persons of kidepo. The k’jong are a unique tribe of northern Uganda with great culture to learn. Dance to traditional dances.

 Camping Experiences

Camp under the stunning stars of kidepo. Sleep to the sounds of roaring lions and Feeding Hippos with a camp fire and toast to an inspirational Journey.