Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park is one of Uganda’s smallest gem parks with the highest density of animals per square kilometer engulfing the impressive Lake Mburo, from which it derives its name. Although Lake Mburo National Park is small, about 370km², in comparison to other parks in Uganda has a total of five lakes within its boundaries with lush green vegetation dotted with black-white stribes of the common sighted zebra. No dought why its called the home for the zebra and yes, as well the shy eland antelope.

Driving through Lake Mburo’s green hillsides, rocky outcrops, bushy thickets, wooded savannahs, lush forests, striking lakes and natural swamps with an amazing diversity of flora and fauna is just the perfect destination for a self drive safari. The well positioned camping grounds overlooking lake Mburo shores populated with schools of Hippos and beautiful birds just add up to the safari drive experience.

The Growing number of animals and birds within the park such as Bushbucks, impala, slender mongoose and the rare bush rat, which are not found in any other Ugandan park. The famous Burchell’s zebra is also widely distributed throughout the park stands a unique animal present in only three protected areas in Uganda. There have been 315 bird species recorded at Lake Mburo National Park and is remarkably the best place in the country to see the gigantic eland antelope, as well as topi, impala and several acacia-associated birds. The Leopard in the cats family has been a great sighting in this densely populated park.

Top Things to Do In Lake Mburo national park

Game Drive

Go a Spectacular game drive in lake Mburo with highest density of animals per square km. Discover the shy Elands and much on a night Game drive.

Bike safaris

View the wildlife on a bike and on a close range. Quietly ride and sneak close to the animals while you enjoy your bike.

Walking Safaris

Take a Guided nature walking safari and view wildlife at a closer range. Rapt in awe with fascinating wildlife.

Horse Back safaris

View wildlife closer than ever on the back of a calm Horse. Transverse through the park and view stunning giraffes and zebras in close range.

Boat Cruise

Take Boat cruise on the lake from where the park gets its name with incredible and vibrant wildlife to see.