Murchison falls National Park

The River Nile, Once described as the most spectacular thing to happen to Nile along its 6700kms length, The 50m wide river is reduced and squizzed through a 6m narrow gorge with unbelievable power. A 45m waterfall was also featured in the Catherine Humphrey and borgat film, “The African Queen”. Murchison was even stronger back then, but in 1962 when Uganda got its independence, massive floods cut a second channel creating the smaller Uhuru falls, 200m to the North. Being the highlight of the this destination, Murchison falls National park also prides itself as the oldest and biggest Game reserve in Uganda sitted on a 3987 sq.kms land.

The beautiful Savannah plains On the Northern bank of river Nile inhabit some of the biggest and unique wildlife you could ever gaze at. Driving and Camping with lodging in Murchison falls is one magical experience that will definitely get you close to real nature and yes typically describe a safari in Uganda.

Top Things to Do In Murchison falls National Park

Game Drives

Watch to some of the most vibrant and fascinating wildlife on the northern sector of the Nile. Blend into nature for an amazing safari experience.

Baloon safaris

Watch wildlife from the above. Treat yourself with a luxury game viewing experience with baloon safaris in Murchison falls

Chimpanzee tracking

Track chimpanzees in Budongo eco-forest with a guide. Visit and view humans closest relatives through a diverse eco-forest on Murchison falls.

Nature walks

Take a nature walk through bodongo forest. watch birds, butterflies and plants, Breath to typical natural air.

Boat Cruise

A Nile river boat cruise to the bottom of the falls with vibrant wildlife on the shores is the perfect way to enjoy a few relaxing hours on the R.Nile.

Bird watching

Look and watch to amazing beautiful birds including the rare shoe bill stock on the shores of lake albert Nile.

Hike Top of Falls

Rapt in Awe hiking 45m from the bottom of the falls till the top. Great views with the 2nd fall in view and worthy a hike. Listen to the sounds of

Camping Experiences

Camp under the stars on the shores of lake Albert and sleep to the sounds of Groaning hippos and silently flowing river Nile.