Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National park is one of the most celebrated bio-diversity park in Uganda sitted on a 1989km².. From the Incredible game drives in kasenyi plains described as spectacular and exciting with alluring bird species. Queen Elizabeth and the Ishasha plains through the famous Fig trees Prides itself with the most elusive tree climbing lions remarkably as the most fascinating game encounter.

The maramagambo forest and the kyambura gorge inhabit an alluring number of primates including Human closest relatives, the Habituated Chimpanzees. Queen Elizabeth National Park also boosts of over 95 recorded mammal species, 0ver 610 bird species and counting. The incredibly beautiful crater lakes truly define Africa and the salt crater mines dotted with flamingos is a true paradise of adventure, a place you would never want to miss out.

Things to Do In Queen Elizabeth National Park

Game Drives

Enjoy incredible game drives in the Kasenyi sector with vibrant Cats to be spotted and huge wildlife on the the northern sector

Katwe Salt Mines

Visit the salt mines of katwe. These are also ranked as the oldest salt mines in Africa. Learn more how salt is mined from basement rocks till it is consumed.

Launch Cruise

Take a boat cruise on the famous Kazinga channel filled with spectacular water wildlife to see on the shores like elephants quenching their thirst. Be inspired.

Ishasha sector

Visit the Ishasha sector for the elusive tree climbing lions. Watch the kings of the jungles lazily hitching and sleeping under the huge fig tree canopies.

Kyambura Gorge

Track chimpanzees in a wildlife filled gorge and a silently flowing river beneath. Visit humans closest relatives and double it with up-close wildlife encounters.

Maramagambo Forest

Visit Maramagambo forest with a diverse eco-system. Discover Uganda’s treasures in Queen Elizabeth including chimpanzee tracking and Birdwatching

Crater lake Drive

Drive a stretch of 26kms and view a series of incredible crater lakes in queen elizabeth. Some of which have been ranked the most beautiful crater lakes in the world.