Rwanda - "The Country of a thousand Hills"

Rwanda: Arguably known as the “country of a thousand hills” shines with stunning greenery, twin and deep lakes, soaring mountains and absolutely the greatest natural treasure of all – Part of the worlds mountain gorilla population lives in the famous virunga Mountains. Discover and travel into the heart of a thousand hills or endless spectacular landscapes and great culture, Pause in the virunga mountains and see these incredible, endangered great apes from an up-close and personal encounter.

Safari Drive Uganda takes you into gorilla country and makes every moment with the great apes spectacular: Our guest at Safari Drive Uganda in Rwanda lodge in state of the art safari lodges like Mountain View Gorilla lodge and Bisate luxury lodge for luxury outfits located in the heart and vicinity of the gorilla trekking activity. From these Midrange and luxurious home bases, set off on daily gorilla treks to track down these magnificent mammals at their most natural, a rare sight experienced by only the mosthidden treasures of the virunga There is no other way to describe a wildlife encounter when you visit these gentle giants.
Traveling beyond the virunga mountains is a magnificent Lake kivu boarding the DRC, the Eco-forest Nyungwe for Chimpanzee habituation and canopy walk. Akagera National park in the south where vibrant wildlife and part of the Big-5 can be spotted.

Let Safari Drive ugnada show you an ultimate and lifetime wildlife encounter.

Safari Drive Recommended Journeys To Rwanda

8 days Rwanda Classic safari

8 Days | 7 Nights | From

Discover Rwandas hidden treasures in 8 days with a highlight of the mountain Gorillas in the Virungas. Visit historical sites and track chimpanzees in the oldest Eco-forest in Africa- Nyungwe

4 Days Gorilla Luxury safari

4 days | 3 Nights | From

Travel in style and track humans closest relatives “The mountain Gorillas of the Virungas”. Treat your self in a calm surrounding and treat yourself slumbering in the luxury lodges with a true African humour.

15 Days Rwanda & Uganda safari in style

15 Days | 14 Nights | From

Embark and immerse your self for a typical Authentic African safari. Cross boarders & witness wonders of two countries and view landscapes change. Track Gorillas in Rwanda or Uganda or both and double it with spectacular wildlife safaris

Virunga volcanoes

Goriila Trecking | Volcanoe hiking | Dian fossey caves

Visit the virunga mountains on the northern province of rwanda for luxury Gorilla trekking. Hike through the virunga mountains in search for Humans closest relatives. Hike the karisimbi volcanoes, trek the golden monkeys and visit the famous Dian fossey caves.

Kigali City

City Tour | market Tours | Genocide museum

Visit kigali city and witness the famous clean city of Africa. marvel through the clean city and historical moments with genocide monuments at Gisozi. Visit the nearby Nyamata and Ntarama genocide and see the atrocities committed by the interahamwe people and the effects of the general genocide.

Akagera National Park

Game dives | Boat safaris | Bird watching | Camping

Embark on an African safari in the Akagera National Park. Take a game drive for vibrant wildlife doubling it with sunset boat cruises for spectacular wildlife encounters and enjoy watching endemic birds. Camp under the stars and toast to an inspirational journey.

Lake kivu

Canoe ride | Relaxing | Hiking and biking

Take a canoe ride on the famous lake kivu bordering Congo. Relax off your safari memories on the the most calmest waters and islands of the lake. Hike and mountains and hills near lake kivu with bike rides to consider later. Consider this a last resort to unwind off your safari memories.

Nyungwe Forest national Park

Chimpanzee trekking | Canopy walks | Nature Walks

Track human’s closest relatives and take a canopy walk in the jungles of Nyungwe impenetrable National Park. discover nyungwe’s treasure through walks and trails of the congo trails and enjoy spectacular bird watching.