Vehicle Equipments

For a perfect and un-inturupted safari drive trip, this is the area we have thoroughly researched about and made sure each of our safari vehicles has one or two of the vehicle “MUST HAVE” equipments. We have travelled on the African roads and most in East Africa and yes we know what is rilly required on every safari drive trip. We make sure you have all the essentials That can absolutely get you through a memorable trip.

  • Bradt guide book
  • Uganda Road map
  • Extra Fuel jerrican
  • Vehicle documents
  • fire extinguisher
  • Fridge or coolerbox
  • spade & axe

  • Tyre pump
  • Tire jack
  • Pair of warning triangles
  • Satellite phone and sim card
  • Garmin GPS with Tracks4Africa  google maps for East Africa

The Ultimate Wildlife experience

When you look into the eyes of a mountain gorilla, there is no mistaking the bond that exists between primate and man and nothing in this world is as rewarding as the magical hour you spend with the gentle giants. Travel deep into the jungles of Bwindi in Uganda with safari Drive and feel rewarded toasting to an inspirational Journey.

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