Group Trips

Arguably the best and the most undoubtable magical adventures in Africa. What would you call fun than driving in convoy in a personal vehicle? What’s more of fun than being escorted by amazingly fun chef and guide that will look after you and provide deep insights about Uganda through culture, history, wildlife and also make you a good African meal.

Travelling in groups presents more advantages like vehicle cost sharing, meal costs, book entire campsites and lodges for more privacy and fun. Have you imagined having all your workmates, friends or family out there in Africa in a convoy of vehicles, sharing each fun of the day and later raising glasses of wine in the dusky-Golden skies toasting to an amazing, un-forgettable trip? So Give an idea to your friends, to your family or to your workmates and let Africa be the place that will bond you and keep into your mind, an adventure that you will always talk about.

It never feels lonely and helpless when on a group tour. The presence of friends or family keeps your heart at peace. Your evenings are made effortless with the presence of a chef however it also becomes more fun getting involved in the cooking and sharing a few chores. At the end of the day, You’ll raise your glasses of wine and toast to the most incredible adventure.

Each year we arrange an 18 – 20 days group camping tour and lodge trip that highlights the best destinations in Uganda dubbed “THE BEST OF UGANDA”. Through the most remote areas, beaten off the normal tourist routes seeing what many don’t see and hearing a lot of Uganda insights what others never get, This guided trip takes you to the most beautiful spots. With a fleet of 4 vehicles, 4 persons sharing we traverse the country through 6 of our game reserves, camping at the most beautiful spots and sharing a lot about Uganda.

Create with us a tailor Made Journey.

Safari Drive Uganda travel experts orgarnise inspiring journies in Uganda through Uganda’s hidden treasures of the wilderness. Share with us some details here if you would like to join or you would prefer a private journey with us and our tour consultants will put together a trip for you in Uganda and through East Africa.

Safari Drive Group Trips

2018 Uganda Authentic Adventure – 14 Days

14 Days | 13 Nights | From

2018 Luxury camping Adventure – 20 Days

20 Days | 13 Nights | From

Why Safari Drive Uganda?

  • Committed Conservation and protection of Rwanda’s natural resources.
  • Completely Tailor made Packages: Designed just for you- Just the way you want it
  • Professional care and attention by our Uganda safari Experts.
  • Professional safari guides in Uganda.
  • wide knowledge of Uganda and beyond boarders
  • Able to Extend tours across boundaries under one care
  • We are supporting sustainable and responsible tourism that helps the country.
  • Great Value Safaris

Why Travel to Uganda?

  • Home of the endagered Mountain Gorilla
  • Very Reliable and Safe
  • Still Virgin and Lush Green
  • Very appealing all year around Weather
  • Vibrant wildlife Encounters
  • Typical local Authentic African Culture
  • Fascinating Scenery and beautiful lakes.
  • Top notch Lodges
  • luxury mid-range and budget Safari Camping
  • Great Food.

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