Welcome to Safari Drive Uganda

What is Safari Drive Uganda?

We are a safari specialist and Self drive car rental typically Ugandan tour operator specialized in creating Luxury, mid-range, budget, flexible inspirational safari journeys through Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania for the past 7 years. We make sure we put together a journey and holiday package just the way you want it to be. Whether you prefer a full luxury safari journey or opt on renting a car in Uganda, we simply deliver inspiring experiences through East Africa.

Our tailor Made Self Drive Safaris

There is no such fun in Uganda than being behind the wheels to maneuver the African terrains, spectating at the incredible sceneries past the lust green vegetation enveloping into the mist covered rainforests with windy roads opening into beautiful savannah plains then sit back, smile and toast to it at the end of the day. Our itineraries are absolutely tailor made so whether you’re looking for a Luxury tailor-made safari, a lodge-lodge self drive safaria wilderness camping experience, a group trip, An Authentic local safari or a family holiday, we are more than happy to deliver the perfect vacation just the way you want it to be with great advise from our expertly and professional travel consultants.

There’s more than just Self driving.

We absolutely encourage you to do more than just driving. Whether Rafting on the longest river in the world, be it a safari camping experience, Hiking the Rwenzoris, boat cruise, incredible games drives or search for the elusive tree climbing lions, swim in the second deepest lake in Africa or get up close and personal with the endangered mountain gorillas, we can include it in your itinerary.

Travel Across East Africa

Love to travel and discover Uganda and East Africa in depth or prefer traveling from country to country across east Africa?  This is absolutely possible with our fully equipped 4WD vehicles. Explore East Africa crossing boarders and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of self drive car hire and guided trips in the lands of safari.

24 hour safety back up

It is our first concern and commitment at Safari Drive Uganda. Our  team, both in Uganda and East Africa give you the support and back up you need during your self drive safari.

Wilderness camping safaris

When you look into the eyes of a mountain gorilla, there is no mistaking the bond that exists between primate and man and nothing in this world is as rewarding as the magical hour you spend with the gentle giants. Travel deep into the jungles of Bwindi in Uganda with safari Drive and feel rewarded toasting to an inspirational Journey.

Scheduled Group Tours

Would you like to join a group trip through these beautiful lands? subscribe to our yearly trip orgarnised by some of the best travel guides in Uganda, share about your adventures and enjoy an inspirational journey.

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TANZANIA (SEE RIGHT):  Watch some of our inspirational journeys from Tanzania, the land of safaris till southern Uganda to the pearl of Africa with incredible encounters of the mountain Gorillas: A lifetime encounter. We hope you enjoy the result.

UGANDA (CLICK HERE): If you’d like to see our Uganda video filmed by Paul on our last concluded group trip through Uganda of an up-close and personal with the the Mountain Gorilla. And yes, this is just a taster on what Uganda has on offer. Watch U-Tube video here

news-icon  Inspirational Journeys

Gorilla Trekking

Get up-close and personal with the Endangered mountain Gorilla in Uganda and Rwanda. Descend into the jungles, find and Look into the eyes of Human closest relatives and keep memories of a lifetime. Read more…….


Special moments on Safari

Blend into some of our inspirational journeys through Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda with Professional and insightful guides. Raise glasses and toast to Spectacular and memorable journeys in East Africa.


New & Scheduled Group Trips

Each year we run a series of wonderful guided and inspirational group trips. Our trips are scheduled for March and September with Limited space for 14 persons to max. Inquire for availability get in touch if you’re interested.


Uganda Journeys

Discover the Beauty Of Uganda from Interracting with the the most friendliest people on the African continent, Rafting on the longest river in the world, Marvel through the lush green and still virgin beautiful lands, Discover the true wilderness experience through the 10 game reserves, track chimpanzees, get upclose and personal with the best wildlife encounter: The mountain Gorilla trekking. Read more…

Full Time 4W Rav4

Rent a Budget 4×4 car in Uganda For self drive and travel Budget through East Africa. Embark on A self drive Safari through the land of safaris in Uganda with Our friendly car rental rates. Double the experience with Camping Gear, camp and toast to an inspirational journey. Read more…

Kenya journeys

Experience the Magic in Safari journeys through some of the best Safari destinations in Africa. Experience Kenya’s Iconic safari destinations and venture deep into  kenya’s heritage. From the famous Masai Mara to the elephant populated and to the Tsvo  game reserves that will leave you awing. Travel in style through the samburu game reserve where northern bird and mammals species can be found. Read more….

Safari Nissan Patrol

Be inspired with self drive and Hire a tough Utilitarian vehicle in Uganda for safari drives. Discover East Africa on a guided Tour with our expert professional guides. Travel Confortable either way in a comfortable 4×4 high ground clearance Jeep with Pop up roofs for game viewing. Read more…

Tanzania Journeys

The land of Safaris and the famous Mount Kilimanjaro. Discover Tanzania’s heritage through the plains of Serengeti and wake up to the sounds of thrilling birds in Ngorongoro with best views of the sun clearing mount Kilimanjaro. Witness abundant wildlife of tanzania, embark on an Authentic Tanzania safari and watch singing birds of Tarangire. Sit back and watch the wild beasts crossing the river. Read more….

Customized safari Jeeps

Blend into Nature and drive comfortable with our customized safari landcruisers. Bring your family or friends along on safari through East Africa and enjoy a typical African adventure. Travel luxury in Our 8 seater high ground clearance Landcruisers  be inspired through these beautiful lands. Read more…


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